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Last night in the open slipper the infant Jesus lay | 20-Nov-07

The following line was read in a poem at a school carol concert in 1962:

"Last night in the open slipper the infant Jesus lay"

It may have been written especially for the evening but perhaps someone recognises it?

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Do you know this poem? Do you have any clues to help us find it?


Could it possibly be this?

Last night in the open shippen
The Infant Jesus lay.
While cows stood at the hay-crib
Twitching the sweet hay.

by Andrew Young
From The Oxford Book of Christmas poems
gill hart shea

Thank you to Gill Hart Shea who identified the poem for our enquirer.
Poetry Library

There is a very beautiful and simple, but little heard, musical setting by Elizabeth Poston, I think in the Cambridge Hymnal, but I may be wrong about that............
Jeremy White

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