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Bright daughters of the lovely spring | 27-Nov-07

Buttercups and daisies

Bright daughters of the lovely Spring,
Who ever welcome tidings bring,
Of longer days and sunnier hours, -
For you are the poor children's flowers,
Their only wealth, their choicest treasure,
Their store of silver and gold,
For you come and bring them pleasure,
Forgetfulness of winter's cold,
Of hunger-pangs too often borne;
Of broken panes, of fireless room,
In which they shiver'd until morn
Broke on the close court's saddening gloom.
All these no longer they behold,
But wander through a land of gold,
Or thread their way through silvery mazes,
In and out, amongst the daisies.

Does anyone know the author of this poem?  It is not the popular one by Mary Howitt or another poem of this title by Eliza Cook.  Thanks.

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