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'The Map' | 07-Dec-07

'The Map'

How tiny England is this map will show...
The exiled English heart

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I expect lots of people will tell you that this poem was read out on Quote Unquote on BBC Radio 4 today, 16 January 2008. The poet's name was James Walker.
Philip Reynolds

Thanks to Philip, we found the poem in our collection. It is found in the book Against the Sun by James Walker, and was published by The Fortune Press in 1946.
Poetry Library

Here is the complete poem (off the "Quote Unquote" programme:

"How tiny England is, this map will show,
And how she is the butt of many seas
That shaped her landscape to its subtleties
And how few her rivers are, her hills how low
Quentin Johnson

Thank you; this poem is what I have been looking for since it was read out last month.....

Shiela MacLean

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