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'Twas a brickfield in Peru | 23-Jan-08

'Twas a brickfield in Peru
Or maybe half past two
And mistletoe was one and six a yard,
There lived a miser man
Whose name was Mary Ann...

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Do you know this poem? Do you have any clues to help us find it?


it continues.....
And they called him Sherlock Holmes from Scotland Yard
Now this man grew so wealthy that he would not buy a drink
So they sentenced him to live in Aberdeen
Where his daughter, Dan Magrew
Was the whitest man I knew.........

Get in touch, and I'll have to write out the rest from memory.
Russell Green

My husband has been saying the first two lines for years.
We have googled to try to find the rest on various occasions with absolutely no hits, but today you've filled in his memory gaps. thank you.

Would you have any more of this limerick / poem???

Dorothy Hickman

I recall two comics on the London stage who might have performed it -- Billy Bennet or Harry Tate. The first comment is right on target, and I think the verse goes on to stuff about "the green eye of the little yellow God"
Derek Till

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