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Boys flying kites haul in their white-winged birds | 31-Jan-08

Enquirer is looking for a very long poem about a newly married couple and their domestic tiffs. Finally, the wife is so anxious to avoid her husband's anger she goes out in a storm to find a cow and is later found dead. The following lines were used an edifying refrain:

Boys flying kites haul in their white-winged birds,
You can't do that when you're flying words.
Thoughts unexpressed sometimes fall back dead,
But God himself can't kill them once they're said.

The enquirer's grandmother learnt this cautionary tale around 1918, possibly for an elocution exam.

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Dear Alister M
Thank you so much for the reference.
I am going to ask a friend at Harpers if he can get it for me as I don't want to subscribe to US Harpers but I do want the text so may give the subscription to an American relative and perhaps retain the on - line rights.
I know my mother will be thrilled. Thank you
Cordelia Hall

I finally downloaded for free by going through the Library of Congress to Cornell University
Cordelia Hall

it is called "The first Settelers story" and I am loocing to see if I have it.
Bob Stone

I believe the name of the poem is The First Settlers' Story. I remember this part too about boys flying kites haul in their white-winged birds.
Stephanie Smith

Yes--it's called "The First Settler's Story. Here's an online link to the poem:
If you Google "The First Settler's Story" you'll get an online link to the text of the poem.
Sherry Wachter

It's called the first settlers story. If you can't locate e-mail me and I'll send it.
John Wale

The poem was written by Will Carleton, a Midwest poet.
Linda Ellis

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