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Homeless Rome | 03-Dec-04

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One new years day while walking down a busy bustling strand.
I had my boots brushed by a boy beneath the shoe black stand.
'A happy good new year my boy' With kindly voice I said
Pray tell me where your father lives and how he earns his bread.
he drew his sleeve accross his cheek and wiped away a tear
'I Thank You sir for wishing me a happy new year.
'I never knew my father sir the neighbours used to say
that he did a dreadful crime and died in a prison cell.
my mother took to drink they say to hide her grief and care
and one night she was found quite dead upon an outside stair
and I was left without a home and scarecely nine years old
I've often fought with the dogs for bones and crusts of bread
and my poor mate poor 'arry brown he froze to death one night
and Billy Jinx was sent to jail and so was Billy Wright
I thank the lord for snatching me away from those dreadful crimes
I have ten pounds sir in the bank with hard work I have done
I hope to earn another ten before this year is done
and with that twenty pounds sir and about the time of May
I'll put it towards an apprenticeship to learn a useful trade'
This is the tale the shoe black told and I hope my children dear
who have kind parents and a home to think about the boys and girls of
homeless romes.

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