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The Littletown Train | 10-Feb-08

Some old folk who live 
away over the hills 
can remember a night that 
was packed full of thrills 
when thundering by 
with a terrible roll 
the little train seemed
to be out of control.

Our enquirer believes that this poem dates back to the early 1950s.

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I remember this from a story book I had as a child in the 1950's,also from the same book; twas found in the attic by Jenny and Joe,in a junk littered corner where spider webs grow, amongst things from the east, hubble bubble and such, there lay an old carpet,it didn't look much. first few lines.also one called bath time for the elves. which I remember in full .
sandra barnes

Hey! I remember this poem. Please, please tell me you have the rest of it. My Daddy used to read it from a children's book of assorted stories one of which included the words, throttle and drinking cold tea from a bottle Also in another poem or story,"Friday night was bath night for the elves.' I would LOVE to find all of The Little Town Train.
Pamela Thompson

From the corner of the page that I still have as a remnant from the original he next verse begins with
?They can show you a???.?

Then a missing verse

The three little men who make up the crew
Are strange in appearance just nothing like you
They?re quaint and they?re fat and not very tall
But the Littletown train is no size at all

One works the lever that opens the throttle
Another sits drinking cold tea from a bottle

I don?t have any more but I think there must be a couple more verses

I hope enough people reading this can contribute a few lines and one day we might be able to complete it.
Maurice Jones

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