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It's not half as funny as the Rastafarian string quartet | 19-Feb-08

An enquirer is looking for a poem about a music teacher who gets the children to play 'ethnic' music (steel band possibly) and it ends with the line:
"It's not half as funny as the Rastafarian string quartet".

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Just heard on Radio 7 - this is a song which seems to be called:
Mr James Teaches Ethnic Studies
Tina Rath

Just heard the credits - the song is by Richard Stilgoe
Tina Rathf

The chorus runs:
"Mr James who teaches Ethnic Studies
Says 'We've got to have a steel band,'
Says it'll help with the racial harmony
Says it'll help us to understand."

The verse with the quoted line runs tells of the band's first street performance, whereupon all the
"black kids were immediately arrested on suss;
Mr James had to go and get 'em out;
He had to make a terrible fuss.
So all the Blacks left the band and formed their own group
Now we're a white steel band which is wet;
We're bad, but we are not as bad
As their Rastafarian string quartet"
You can buy the "Who Plays Wins" album, which has this song on it, from Amazon.

Cathy Lloyd

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