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Dorothy May | 22-Feb-08

An enquirer is looking for a poem that includes a character called Dorothy May, possibly written about 80 years ago

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My mother used to sing a song with the lines:
Three green bonnets at church one day
Dulcie and Daisy and Dorothy May
it finished with:
Blue eyes are weeping and so are the grey
For angels have taken dear Dorothy May
I am afraid this is all I can remember, but it was certainly a song, and possibly called Three Green Bonnets... and it sounds Victorian.
Tina Rath

Right - google produced a song by H L Harris sung with great success apparently by Dame Nellie Melba. The words are:

Three green bonnets at church one day
Dulcie and Daisy and Dorothy May
Three green bonnets that sat in a row
Each bonnet tied with a green ribbon bow
One pair of blue eyes and one pair of grey
And one pair of brown eyes for Dorothy May

Three little heads at close of day
Dulcie and Daisy and Dorothy May
Three little heads of clustering curls
Three little beds and three little girls
Brown eyes are sleeping and blue eyes and grey
But angels are peeping at Dorothy May.

Three green bonnets have had their day
Dulcie and Daisy and Dorothy May
Three green bonnets grown old unawares
Hang on three pegs at the foot of the stairs
Blue eyes are swollen and so are the grey
For angels have stolen dear Dorothy May,
I hope this is indeed the poem your enquirer was looking for.
Tina Rath

I would like to thank Tina Rath for the information on a song called Three Green Bonnets. It does indeed sound like the one I was seeking.

It was my husband Malcolm who made contact initially on my behalf. The reason I was anxious to locate the poem/song was because it includes a character called Dorothy May. It was often recited by my mother who was christened Dorothy May! Sadly , my dear mother passed away aged 93 years on 20th February and I had hoped to find the verse for her funeral. I did not have it in time but I have printed a copy and will always treasure it.

Many thanks once again.
Lesley Shaw

Wonderful. I was singing it to my daughter only last week. Had to fudge some words. My Mum died age 96. She sang it to us all in the 1950's. She also sang Lost Little doll by Charles Kingsley (I once had a sweet llittle doll dears) that I have only just discovered again tonight.
sue potter

Please has anyone all the words to. I once had a sweet little doll dears.
Carole Waddington

If you would like to hear the song you can find it on i-tunes sung by Gracie Fields.

Lewis Watson

I have old little note books. In it is the poem you discribed exactly the same words. I got it from a old lady that my mother got whilst n nursing her at a nursing home. I have songs and poems definitely from a by gone era. It is not written in Biro been a nib and ink. I love that poem too. From Michelle Osborne
Michelle Osborne

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