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'London Days' | 25-Feb-08

I'm going out to dine a Grays, with Bertie Modern, Charles and Kit,
And Manderly who never pays and Jane who wins in spite of it,
And Algenon who won't admit the truth about his curious hair,
And teeth that very nearly fit,
And Mrs. Roebuck will be there.
And then tomorrow someone says that someone else has made a hit
In one of Mr. Twisters plays, so we go to yawn at it.
And when it peters out we quit for number 20 Taunton Square,
And smoke and drink and dance a bit
And Mrs. Roebuck will be there.
And so through each declining phase, of emptied effort, jaded wit,
And day by day of London days,
Obscurely, more obscurely lit,
Announcing to the shuddering air a darkening and the end of it.
And Mrs. Roebuck will be there.

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This is by Hilaire Belloc
Tina Rath

The poem is Ballade of Hell and of Mrs Roebeck, by Hilaire Belloc.

This is the Envoi:

Prince, on their iron thrones they sit,
Impassable to our despair,
The dreadful Guardians of the Pit:--
And Mrs Roebeck will be there.
south 254

Distinct echoes of Mrs Ravoon here, aren't there?
Bingley Anne

"Hell and Mrs Roebeck" was published in the 1910s, when Paul Dehn (the author of "Mrs Ravoon") was a young child. If there are echoes, they're going in the other direction.
Thomas Thurman

I had been looking for this poem for years, having been introduced to it as an example of a ballade by my English master in about 1954. I have been typing the envoi into Google since Google started and this is the first time it has come up with an answer! I had the mistaken impression it was by C.S.Calverley. Many thanks!
David Widgery

Belloc of course - one of my favourites - but you omit the last and best stanza
Paul Wood

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