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There is no way to the end of a journey | 07-Apr-08

Poem found on a walk in Kent in the early 1980s.  Does anyone know the full version and author?

There is no way to the end of a journey,
But to travel the road the leads to it,
It may be a long and weary road,
And strength and courage often fail,
But we must not give up.

We do not have to travel it all everday,
And once we have learnt that fact,
Half the stones and briars of the way,
Will be gone.

This way may have lead over rocks, that hurt our feet,
But is is that which is yet to come,
Which concerns us now."

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Lines from this poem was in my typing text when I was in High School... 1975-76 in Trinidad and Tobago. I think the text book was a Pitman type writing text book.
Allison Valentine Joseph

I agree. It was the first exercise in my typing text book at High School in Queensland Australia in 1955
Kevin Rowland

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