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The Absent-minded Friend | 11-Apr-08

Our enquirer's brother had to learn this poem in the 1950s in grammar school.

I had an absent minded friend, he was a comic one,
He never simply did things right, from morn to set of sun,
I took him out to tea one day, that day I'll never forget,
He spread the crumpets on his knee, and munched the serviette.
He ate a glass of lemonade and drank a piece of cake,
Then closing both eyes at once, he murmured 'My mistake'.
Then said her: 'I be best being going home', he couldn't find his hat,
He crammed the milk jug on his head, and walked away in that.
One day he said, 'I'll boil an egg', the pot was on the boil.
Said he 'I'll time it with my watch, I'll see it does not spoil',
He timed it with the greatest care, but found with grief and pain,
The egg was safely in his hand, he'd boiled his watch and chain.

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My Uncle used to recite this frequently and he was at school in the 1930s so he may have learnt it then. I found your reference to it as the only one on the intranet.
Shirley Jones

My mum used to recite this to me. There's more, when he shaved he picked up a bar of chocolate instead of shaving cream " ...he rubbed it up and down, until he cried great steeple jack, this soap has turned me down." I'm looking for the complete poem.
Maz Robey

My dad used to recite this to me 50 years ago I,ve since done the same to my children fond memories
Bob Jennings

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