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Pray for a brave heart | 11-Apr-08

Pray for a brave heart,
which does not fear death,
which places a long life last,
among the gifts of heaven.
Chance you are not divine,
yes, it is we who make you immortal.

Our enquirer believes this poem is by Helen Macinnes.

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it's a translation of part of Juvenal's 10th satire

Peter Green's translation has it:

"... ask/For a sound mind in a sound body, a valiant heart/Without fear of death. that reckons longevity/The least among Nature's gifts ..."

Robert Ward

Helen Macinnes uses this quote in the front piece of one of her novels, and correctly attributes it to Juvenal in her book.
Kumari de Silva

The quote comes from Marcus Aurelius.
mary atkinson

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