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The Magpie's Nest | 14-Aug-08

This poem is possibly of Australian origin.

At the top of a tree, a tall gum tree

A magpie chose her nest should be

And her eggs were laid there, one, two, three

A tempting sight for a boy to see.

Passing by came a boy in a little felt hat

He wasn?t too thin, and he wasn?t too fat

To climb to the tree where the old bird sat

Wit her chatter chatter, chatter,

Chatter, chat chat, chat.


It was climb, climb, not a single stop

Till he reached at last the tip, tip top

????.with both his legs

He put in his hand, and he took out the eggs

In his mouth they went

So safe they should be

As he started to climb down the big gum tree.


But the soon found out he was in for trouble

For the boughs did bend, and wobble, wobble, wobble

In a mighty struggle with arms and legs

Pop! Down his throat went one of the eggs

But he didn?t much care, as well he knew

That safe in his mouth were the other two.



Was it nice and fresh, or a little bit queer?


???Of the two eggs left he broke one shell

He looked inside, and he didn?t feel well

For he soon found out he had had to eat

Was a nice little magpie, all complete

Ever since that day the; eggs he took

He can talk, talk, talk like a penny book

It?s the little magpie inside that does that

Wit her chatter chatter, chatter,

Chatter, chat chat, chat.


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This was the first poem I learned aged 6 in 1947 in Fremantle Western Australia so I can't really help with the missing lines except for "holding on tight with both his legs" and I think it should be "he can talk talk talk like a halfpenny book"
Leonie Vale

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