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In Smiths Square, Westminster | 22-Aug-08

In Smiths Square, Westminster,
You mustn't make a noise,
No shrill voiced vendors harbour there,
No shouting errand boys,
But busy little gentlemen,
Go swiftly out and in,
With neatly rolled umbrellas

Can anyone identify this poem?

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"Smith Square, Westminster" from Fairy Green, by Rose Fyleman
Susanne Woodman

Oh thank you so much - my 91 year old Mother will be delighted!!
Bob Watts

As I recall... (bound to be inaccurate):
In Smith Square Westminster
You must not make a noise
No shrill voiced vendors harbour there
No shouting errand boys
But smartly dressed gentlemen
Step quickly out and in
With tightly rolled umbrellas
And cases neatly slim

Thank you Susanne for your answer.
My sister Valerie helped me learn this poem from a little green poetry book when I was about 10, ie. 1964. I have sometimes tried to remember the words and poet; now I am a step closer to that goal.
Mike Hardman

It is comforting how lines of poetry memorised in childhood are still remembered decades later. When I was a child I was given a book of poetry by Mary Rose Fyleman. My favourite poem in that book was 'In Smith Square, Westminster'.
It was good to find my brother, Michael, remembers it too. He must have heard me recite it many, many times but I didn't remember I'd made him learn it too.. I will attempt to recall it now and later on will search to see if I can find the book. Parts of three verses come immediately to mind:
In Smith Square Westminster
You must not make a noise.
No shrill voiced vendors harbour there,
No shouting errand boys.
But very busy gentlemen step swiftly out and in
With little leather cases
And umbrellas neatly thin.
Yet sometimes when a summer night
Its starry curtain spreads
And all the busy gentlemen
Are sleeping in their beds
You hear a gentle humming
Like the humming of a hive
And Smith Square Westminster
Begins to come alive.
For all the fairies round about
Come hastening up in crowds
And all the ledges .............
Are hung with rainbow coloured clouds

Valerie Barker

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