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Willow the king is a monarch grand | 08-Oct-08

Willow the king is a monarch grand
Three in a row his courtiers stand
And every day when the sun shines bright
The doors of his palace are painted white.

Enquirer learnt this poem in top year juniors (1961/2)

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Could this be the Harrow song WILLOW THE KING by John Farmer?
Tina Rath

This poem has been found in "This England's Book of Parlour Poetry", This England Books, 1989. It was first published in the anthology "Gaudeamus". It is by E. E. Bowen.
Poetry Library

It is indeed one of the Harrow Songs, words by E E Bowen who also co wrote 40 years on the Harrow school song.

Chorus is Ho, Ho, Ho his courtiers sing
Honour and life to willow the king.

We used to sing this at my school only if the school 1st eleven won a match.
ian wright

I remember this poem from my school days in Lahore, Pakistan, in the 1960s. The words have just stayed with me particularly since we are a cricket crazy nation
Shahbaz shahbaz

is this part of a poem that starts:
King Willow King Willow, thy guard hold tight,
trouble is coming into the night, hopping and galloping short and strong,
comes a leathery duke bounding along. - I remember it was a poem about cricket.
David Sceats

We sang this at prep school in the 1940s.The next few linesa are:-
And all the company bow their backs
To the king with the collar of cobblers wax
Ho Ho may the courtiers sing
honour and life to willow the king!
John Nurcombe

This song has stayed with me over the years,we used to sing it at my school....Sibford Friends School in the 40's and it raised the roof. Moonie

Jean Bolton

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