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I am sitting alone at the fire / The scarred hand | 21-Oct-08

Enquirer is looking for two poems from an anthology that was around in the 1930s called "Loves Glad Morn".

The first poem is "Grandmother's Last Message":

"I am sitting alone at the fire
The fire that burns so bright
I think I am nearing heaven
I am ninety years old tonight

My cottage is all in order
I have tidied the hearth a bit
I'm knitting my neighbours stocking
The last I shall ever knit"

The second is "The Scarred Hand" and goes something like:

"Dear mother how did you get that scar upon your hand
a house on fire a house on fire
ran into the burning house
The baby sleeping in the cot"

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I would love to find a copy of 'The Scarred Hand'. My Aunt Vera used to recite it in pubs and at family gatherings.'Guilty, or not guilty' was also in her repertoire.
John Griffiths

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