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I like to sit by the fire | 23-Oct-08

Enquirer is looking for a poem from a poetry book they had as a child.  The poem goes something like:

"I like to sit by the fire and stare at the... creatures... it is better than pictures in a book to sit by the fire and look and look".

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Do you know this poem? Do you have any clues to help us find it?


Poem about a fire in a childrens book - can you help me find the full poem

As I sit by the fire and stare at all the wonderful things in their.
Suzanne Terrington

This is a poem called 'Firelight' by Irene and Aubrey de Selincourt, which can be found in

Hilda Boswell's treasury of poetry -- London: Collins, 1978.
Poetry Library

Firelight by Irene and Aubrey de Selincourt

Found in Hilda Boswell's Treasury of Poetry First Published in 1968

I like to sit by the fire and stare
At the curious things I can see in there;
It's better than pictures in a picture book
To sit by the fire and look, and look
Marcia Mason

this was the 1st poem in hilda boswells treasury of poetry which i was given by my mum aged 7 and really loved. there are 4 verses - marcia has the 1st one correct. the 2nd verse goes...

I can't see the things that Anne can see
(Anne she's seven, but i'm just three)
Faces, and rivers, and forests, and all -
(Anne's enormous, but i'm quite small).

if you want to know the other 2 verses then contact me. i still have my original book which i'm now sharing with my 7 and 5 year old daughters. it's a classic book.

susan booth

Hi, im looking for a collection of poems witha picture of a boy and a girl in frone of a fire on the bookcover, i remembered the poem when i read the verses - is this the book? i lost my mum at 21 and recently had my son, she used to read it to me and id love to read ot to him now. If it is could you ket me know the details so i can start searching for a copy. Many thanks.
mac read

ive found my book! Thanks to these comments and a little digging around i found my book on amazon - thank you all so much! xxx
mac read

I have the book upstairs in a box some where ready to go in the attic my mother got me the book a few years ago it was read to me as a child between 5 and 8 and I am 51 this year I will look for it and let you know who it was by
Stephen Jenkins

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