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Ypres Cathedral, 1915 | 06-Jan-05

Looking for a poem by a Brigadier General with this title.

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Saw this poem in Ypres Cathedral on Tues 21st March, 2006. I think it's called "Ypres Cathedral 1930" and it's attributed to Brigadier General HM Hordern. Mind you, have not yet managed to get this poem (which I liked) via Google, etc, despite this info. Beat of luck! (do let me know if you have any success).
John Pickersgill
John Pickersgill

I found this poem on the wall of Ypres Cathedral when I last visited in late 1990's. I have a copy of this poem if you would like to have it. Apparently it was found amongst the papers of Brigadier General H.M. Hordern OBE MC and was considered to have been written by him.
Rod Cowan

(thanks to worrydoll)

Ypres Cathedral.

The organ throbs, its echoes die away,
A shaft of light, rose-tinted, makes a track
That dwells upon an altar breathing peace.
I sit, and in my reverie look back?

The walls dissolve, the moonlight filters through
The stars above shine out in fitful sky
The altar yawns, the graves again gape wide
And ghostly voices breathe a murmured sigh.

As in a dream I hear again the sound
Of transport rattle over cobbled stone
The distant drum that tells of lurking death
And beating pulse of countless marching feet.

A nearby gun booms out its warning note
I hear the venomed answer whining by
The earth again is shattered and I hear
A whinny of alarm, and then a cry.

The organ swells, the darkness fades away
I struggle to the present from the past
The hum of ghostly voices intertwines
With cadences that breathe of peace at last.

But still there lingers in this town of dreams
Where every stone is sanctified by dead
A breath of English lanes, and hopes of youth
I sigh and then in silence bow my head.

"Found amongst the papers of Brigadier General HM Hordern OBE MC and considered written by him."
caro vanderpoorten

This poem is on a bronze plaque in Ypres Cathedral with the inscription "considered to be written byBrigider General H M Horden OBE MC and found among his papers after his death"
I copied it down - I really like this poem because it seems to show that even after the war someone of the eminence of this officier was haunted by what he had seen. I know nothing about this man but would love to find out more about him.
Liz Walker

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