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Beloved Mine so Fair of Face | 08-Nov-08

Looking for the original source of this poem

To My Beloved Muriel

Beloved mine so fair of face
Endowed with dignity and grace
To kiss your curving lips divine
Intoxicates my soul like wine

Then joyously do I declare
Nought have I known a love so rare
Its boundless depths as yet unknown
So lavishly bestowed on me alone

To gaze upon your loveliness entranced
How proud I've felt each time we've danced
Relive the summer days alas soon spent
Each golden hour how soft they went

Remembering how on Worthing sands
Unspoken words passed through entwined hands
Ecstatic nights - my love my life
Such measureless joys my lovely wife

Perhaps these stumbling words have shown
Beauty such as thine I've never known
Muriel mine I love thee true
And simply add "Dear God Bless You"

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