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Tap tap Dolly's shoes on the hard high road | 13-Nov-08

Tap tap Dolly's shoes on the hard high road

The poem possibly ends with the line

"Dear dead horses of long ago".

The poem is about work horses of a bygone age and was in an anthology of stories I read as a child. I thought the book was called The Yellow Caravan but as I've never been able to find it despite numerous book searches, perhaps I haven't remembered the title correctly.

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Do you know this poem? Do you have any clues to help us find it?


i DONT KNOW THE POEM BUT COULD YOU HELP ME WITH A POEM CALLED THE CARAVAN? It starts with I wish I had a cravan with a horse to drive like a tinker man. Where he come
s from nobody knows or where he goes to but on he goes, Please can you help me?
jean robinson

a) There is an odd resonance with the following snippet I have heard quoted but have never found the source:

Its not the 'unting in the 'ills that 'urts the 'orses 'ooves,
But the 'ammer, 'ammer, 'ammer on the 'ard, 'igh road.
Does not quite have the same cadence, though. Good luck.

b) On Jean Robinson's misplaced query, Google indicates the following source; hope it helps:THE PEDDLER'S CARAVAN

I wish I lived in a caravan,
With a horse to drive like a peddler-man!
Where he comes from nobody knows,
Or where he goes to, but on he goes!

His caravan has windows two,
And a chimney of tin, that the smoke comes through;
He has a wife, with a baby brown,
And they go riding from town to town.

Chairs to mend, and delf to sell!
He clashes the basins like a bell;
Tea trays, baskets ranged in order,
Plates, with alphabets round the border!

The roads are brown, and the sea is green,
But his home is like a bathing-machine;
The world is round, and he can ride,
Rumble and slash, to the other side!

With the peddler-man I should like to roam,
And write a book when I came home;
All the people would read my book,
Just like the Travels of Captain Cook!
Giles de Bertodano

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