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Drowning Swimmer's Dream | 03-Dec-08

This poem was included in a film about the artist Gustav Klimt. It includes the line:

"Who art thou?" asked the guardian of the night

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I only know the poem from the movie "Klimt." The movie is a biography of the artist. However, the dramatic device is that of "one's life passing before one's eyes" in those last few moments before death. The movie opens with Klimt in bed near death. It moves between the life of Klimt remembered and the Klimt near death. The poem is read by John Malkovich, who plays Klimt, at the moment Klimt passes.
I cannot find who wrote the poem. I do not know if it was written for the movie or by someone earlier.
The film makes a most apt marriage of poetic and visual imagery.
The final end of the movie including Malkovich's reading can be found at "Klimt" at YOUTUBE.COM.
Buford Howard

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