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Dickory Dangle | 05-Dec-08

Down to the river went Dickory Dangle
Drew out his rod and began to angle

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can anyone finish this verse
January brigs the snow makes our feet and fingers glow
mary keighley

January brings the snow; asked for in the comment on this quotation.
This is the opening line of a song by Michael Flanders and Donald Swann and can be found on many of their LPs recordings

Harry Edwards

I can remember my infant-school teacher reciting this a time or two. Only about 3 or 4 verses, I think. The guy looks forward to catching a nice fish for his tea, but ends up falling in and drowning instead " ... and that was the end of Dickory Dangle". That's all, though - sorry!
John Clarke

As for the "January brings the snow .... " quote: it's true Flanders and Swann did a number with that opening line. But it was a parody of a much older and well-known poem called "The Garden Year", by Sara Coleridge (daughter of S T Coleridge of Kublai Khan fame). Needless to say it takes a far less sour view of the English climate!
John Clarke

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