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The sky at evening and the pale cold stars | 31-Dec-08

The sky at evening and the pale cold stars,
Slim sickle moon;
The birth of dawn in silver light
On far horizons;
And the rich loneliness of noontide hours:
He yielded these, a willing gift,
Because the world had need of him.
And claimed the very utmost he could give.
The surge of waves against gigantic rocks,
The endless swell of distant shore less seas
And the white surf that beats on yellow sands
He cannot know them now:
Yet though slow seasons pass
Days weeks and months
He will not come again
Smiling he left these things
Each miracle of nature, and
Each noble work wrought by the hands of man.
He gave for freedoms sake
More than these things he gave
And giving life ? gave all.

Enquirer would like to know more about the origin of this poem, handwritten by her grandmother in memory of a son she lost in the Second World War on board HMS Orion.

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