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Kneeling to heaven on crutches | 16-Jan-09

Kneeling to heaven on crutches

Does anyone recognise this line?

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This is a slight misquotation from John Webster's play THE WHITE DEVIL, Act IV, Scene 2. Vittoria Corombona, the "white devil" of the title, tells her lover Brachiano that she wants no more to do with him:
"I had a limb corrupted to an ulcer
But I have cut it off and now I'll go
Weeping to heaven on crutches."
Her words are both an echo of the New Testament admonition to cut off your right hand if it leads you to sin, and a highly overblown attempt to frighten Brachiano into coming back to her - he suspects her of two-timing him, and has begun to speak affectionately of his murdered wife. She has no intention of letting him leave her and he doesn't - their continued affair leads to his death and hers.
Tina Rath

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