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Coalfire in the nursery | 23-Jan-09

This may be the first line, or may come from elsewhere in the poem. Possibly a children's poem.

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and once in some dark forest
these my child were trees
before the first fox thought to run
these dead black chips were one green net to catch the sun
norma jaques

The previous respondent hasn't got the Louis Untermeyer poem "Coal Fire in the Nursery" quite right. It starts: "And once, in some swamp-forest, these / My child, were trees. / Before the first fox thought to run / These dead black chips were one/ Green net to hold the sun." I know it from a childhood present -- "A Book of Town Verse" (OUP, 1947), edited by T.W. Sussams. Otherwise, I know nothing of Untermeyer ...
John Davies

Thank you John Davies for identifying this poem for us. As well as being in the anthology "A Book of Town Verse", the poem is also published in Untermeyer's collection "Burning Bush" London : Jonathan Cape, [1928].

Louis Untermeyer (1885?1977) was an American poet and editor, known best for his anthologies, including "Modern American Poetry" (1919), "Modern British Poetry" (1920), and "Fifty Modern American and British Poets: 1920?1970" (1973).
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