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Mrs Macroon or MacGoon appearing from a lagoon | 05-Mar-09

Mock horror poem that features a Mrs Macroon or MacGoon appearing from a lagoon.

It was in an anthology and has about 10-12 verses, about 6 lines a verse, with lots of oon rhymes.

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I think this must be Various Endings for An Old Ballad, which originally appeared, apparently, in a book by Paul Dehn, called For Love or Money... but Mrs Ravoon has since passed into popular tradition.
Tina Rath

Thank you (once again) Tina Rath for helping us identify a poem. Our enquirer will be delighted.
Poetry Library

'Alternative Endings to an Unwritten Ballad' can be found in Paul Dehn's For Love and Money, which was published by Reinhardt in 1956.
Poetry Library

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