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God knows which God she'll worship next | 12-Mar-09

Enquirer is looking for a poem that makes fun of a woman that keeps trying out different religions that ends with the line "God knows which God she'll worship next".

It was in a grade school book in New York State in the 1950s.

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Do you know this poem? Do you have any clues to help us find it?


It's a slightly misquoted reference to Ogden Nash's *The Seven Spiritual Ages of Mrs Marmaduke Moore*. The poem is an ironic account of a woman who goes from childhood Methodism to Episcopalianism, then on to Theosophy, Bahai and Freudianism, Hinduism and Buchmanism ['the Oxford group']. The poem ends: ...'When seventy stares her in the face/She'll have found some other state of grace./Mohammed may be her Lord and master,/Or Zeus, or Mithros, or Zoroaster./
When a lady's erotic life is vexed/God knows what God is coming next.'

I've also seen the penultimate line quoted as 'For when a lady is badly sexed'. I don't know whether Nash redrafted the poem at some point. The version I've quoted is from The Pocket Book of Ogden Nash [1959/1962] and it originally appeared in Many Long Years Ago [1945].
Tom Deveson

Many thanks to Mr. Deveson. That's the one.

It's amazing how I was convinced of the wording that I first submitted.

Thanks again.
Anon. Bunthorne

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