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The hours we gather in our hands and then let fall | 20-Mar-09

Enquirer is looking for a poem which contains the following lines:

the hours we gather in our hands and then let fall...
wrist on wrist we relive memory...
shell of moon on day sky...
two o'clock in lazy june and twenty years gone in an afternoon

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This is Anniversary by Richard Lattimore

Where we were on that afternnon and where
is the high room now, the bed on which you
laid your hair
as bells beat early in the still air?

at two o'clock of sun and shutters oh recall
the chair's angle a stripe of shadow on the wall
the hours we gathered in our hands and let them fall

wrist on wrist we relive memory - shell of moon
on day sky, two o'clock on lazy june
and twenty years gone in an afternoon.
Tina Rath

Thank you Tina Rath for identifying this poem.

The poet is RICHMOND Lattimore. This poem is published in his "Poems" Ann Arbor : University of Michigan Press, 1957 and "Poems from three decades" New York : Charles Scribner's Sons, 1972. It is also published in the anthology "New Yorker Book of Poems" Viking Press, 1969
Poetry Library

Tina Rath

'War turns us to stone. In remembrance we shine and rise to new days'. I have this little sliver of poetry in a cutting from a magazine but would like to know if it comes from a larger work?
Caroline Andrews

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