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The Hope that does not Persist | 25-Apr-09

"A poem that was written about a painting "Hope" by George Frederic Watts painted in 1897. I have an old print of this and pasted on the back of this was an old newspaper clipping of this poem. I could only read a portion of this poem as much of it had decayed. Below is the text that I have"

One star, one String and all............rest Darkness and everlasting Save t.........shelters in her bre......
T.........il of one r............
B.n..th the cold .....und less deep;
...th ruin ....ding down
...ows, to ....avenly to weep,
Too ..    hur...despair,
And....her ....ely string
E......ee.....the music from
Some ...taint confirming wh....
of fatherhood and love
One star, one string and through the drift of aeons sad with human cries She waits the hand of God to lift The bandage from her eyes

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Harold Begbie?
susanne woodman

i have some poems written by this poet
rajendra jetoo

On star, one string, and all the rest ?
Darkness and everlasting space, ?
Save that she shelters in her breast
?The travail of the race. ?

Borne through the cold and soundless deep, ?
With ruin riding down the air, ?
She bows, too heavenly to weep, ?
Too human to despair. ?

And ever on her lonely string, ?
Expects the music from above ?
Some faint confirming whispering ?
Of fatherhood and love. ?

One star, one string, and through the drift ?
Of eons sad with human cries ?
She waits the hand of God to lift ?
The bandage from her eyes. ?

Harold Begbie
Stacy Welch

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