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Dropping pebbles of pure sound | 27-Apr-09

Dropping pebbles of pure sound, upon the something air

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I don't know where it's from either, but I do remember it was "smooth round pebbles..."

Julie Whiteside

Julie - Yes, that's right - it was "smooth round pebbles..." Am so heartened that someone actually remembers it too! It was definitely about the song of a lark - does that nudge your memory any more? I have checked all the obvious suspects. Thanks!
Christa Laird

Thank you to Simon Cauchi. The C. Day Lewis poem "The Ecstatic" begins:

"Lark, skylark, spilling your rubbed and round
Pebbles of sounds in air's still lake"

It is published in his "Selected poems" London : Enitharmon Press, 2004
Poetry Library

That's it! Thank you so much to Simon Cauchi. I can't tell you how pleased I am - it has been bothering me for years and years!! Best wishes
Christa Laird

I am so grateful to Simon Cauchi. Like one of your other correspondents, it has been haunting me for years - I thought it was Auden and kept drawing a blank.
Rachel Smith

It's a lovely poem - note how the last word, 'peace' instead of the expected 'rest'; subtly changes the feel.
Domain Rider

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