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Celia Mary out at play... | 14-May-09

This poem was in an anthology of children's poetry which was in our enquirer's family in the 1950s/1960s. It was a hardback with a turquoise blue cover, as the dustjacket was long gone. The lines our enquirer remembers are:

Celia Mary out at play
Lost her shoe in the fields one day


Poor Celia Mary, what can she do
She can't keep hopping on one little shoe...

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i too had the same book and have been trying to find out the rest of the poem as my sister is named Celia Mary after it.

apart from the lines already remembered i also remember a line that went something like this-
i fear the fairies have stolen her shoe
stolen her shoe for a fairy boat.

i also remember that in the same book was a poem about an industrious mouse and one about spring lambs. i think they were written by the same woman, whose name i have unfortunately forgotten.

a lot of the poem had a religious slant to them.
susan sainsbury

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