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Down the track I met a country joser | 15-Jun-09

Down the track I met a country joser

And I dropped him for a watch and chain.

With a stick, nice and thick

I hit him such a goser.

He fell smack on his back

Down in Drury Lane

For me! For me! They're waiting there for  me

They'll have to wait 'til the clock strikes one

'Til a white hair grows on a blue man's head


... some know one or two, I know two or three.

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A version of this appears in Studies in Board Schools, published in 1897, where a boy has been arrested for busking - the narrator asks him what he was singing and he gives a selection including THE AMATEUR WHITE WASHER, and FOR ME, FOR ME, which goes:

Yesterday I met a country josser
And I done him for his watch and chain
On the nose I hit him such a wopper
He fell flat on his back
In a place called Drury Lane
For me, for me, they're waiting there for me
They'll have to wait til the moon turns green
I did a bunk, God save the Queen.

It sounds as if there's a "floating version" of the song - it was probably popular amongst school boys - and the words changed according to the singer's whim. There was no indication of any author I'm afraid.
"Josser" just means "bloke" or "chap" although I suppose it could be related to "joskin" - a countryman...

Tina Rath

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