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Oh what a bother, what a fuss | 17-Jun-09

Oh what a bother, what a fuss
Getting up and on the bus...

Don't be silly,
That one goes to Piccadilly.

Enquirer is looking for the poet, title and full text of this poem that he learnt at school.

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I remember some of the poem from my school days.

What a bother what a fuss
Getting on and off the bus.
Pushing, squeezing, stamping, (budging?)
Never was there so much nudging.
Quick says mother there's another.
Father answers don't be silly that one goes to Piccadilly.

Not sure what follows stamping but hopefully my answer will trigger your memory.

I seem to thing the same poetry book claimed to contain the shortest poem, Adam 'ad 'em.
Grahame Sanders

what a trouble what a fuss getting on and off a bus,
pushing, shoving, hudging, budging never was there so much shoving,
Qick says Mother, there's another !
Don't be silly that one goes to Piccadilly.
Lavinia Young

I remember this poem from my schooldays at Adwick-le-Street
Junior school, near Doncaster. I was there from around 1942 to 1945/6. I loved poetry from an early age and was impressed by this one, although I can't remember the author's name We learned another about bulbs growing into the Spring season: "Little brown brother, are you there in the dark?"
David Bacon

I am always reciting this poem, its the only one I remember from my school days in London. No idea who was the poet though.

What a clamour, what a fuss, getting on and off the bus,
pushing, squeezing, stamping, nudging,
never was there so much budging.
"Quick" says mother," there's another",
Father answers "Don't be silly, that one goes to Piccadilly".
Caroline McSharry

I had to learn this poem off by heart for my elocution lessons.
The poet I have as Helen Price and had to copy out the correct poem to learn.
I have remembered the poem and often recite it as I became involved in buses via Playbus links.
I also chant it out to go with my bus stories.
Sue Wickstead

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