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"come in, there is shelter for you here...." | 08-Jan-05

I think the poem was on the radio programme you mention [ Poetry Please ] approx. 6 months ago. All I can say is that it was about a Mrs Mc-- and no one wanted to know her, she was old. Birds and several animals came for food and shelter including a fox and a horse, the repeated line through the poem was something like "come in, there is shelter for you here" She eventually died and heaven's gates were opened for her with the lines again "come in ---.

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I believe the poem is 'Mrs Malone' by Eleanor Farjoen (1881-1965) published in Poetry Please. The version I have was printed in 1985 but I am sure it will be in others. It begins:
'Mrs Malone
Lived hard by a wood
All on her own
As nobody should.

And ends with:
'But Peter said, "Mother
Go in to the Throne.
There's room for another
One, Mrs Malone."
Janine Bonser

The poem you are looking for is ‘Mrs Malone’ by Eleanor Farjeon. It can be found in Invitation to a Mouse & Other Poems (Pelham, 1982) and in The Oxford Book of Children’s Verse (OUP, 1973).
Poetry Library

I have very fond memories of this poem from my primary school in Hertfordshire in the 1970s. Our headmaster must have read it at least once a term for ten years.
Richard Marshall

"Mrs Malone" was in an anthology of poems and stories belonging to my brother as a small boy. The collection would have been published in the 1930s or 40s. I wish I could find a copy now.
I found a copy of the complete poem through a google search using the terms "Mrs Malone" and "There's room for another".
Lynne Downes

Since making the comment above, I have successfully located my brother's book, which contained "Mrs Malone". It is "The Children's Wonder Book in Colour No.2" & was published by Odhams in 1948. Joy unbounded!
Lynne Downes

Here's the poem. It's one of my all time favourites. ENJOY!

Mrs Malone

Mrs. Malone lived hard by a wood.
All on her lonesome as nobody should.
With her crust on a plate and her pot on the coal
And none but herself to converse with, poor soul.
In a shawl and a hood she got sticks out-o'door,
On a bit of old sacking she slept on the floor,
And nobody, nobody asked how she fared
Or knew how she managed, for nobody cared.
Why make a pother about an old crone?
What for should they bother with Mrs. Malone?

Mrs Malone by Eleanor Farjeon (1881-1965)

Carol McCormack

I have the complete poem in an old childrens book that I have had since I was a child, I'm now 72. If you email me make the subject of the mail "mrs Malone"please.
Alan Dean

Brings back so many happy memories of my Mother and my childhood , Would love to know again all of the words which were so special
wendy Mills

Did the same poetry book have a poem about a knight and a poem about james james ... took great care of his mother all though he was only 3? I had a little blue poetry book when I was a child and would love to be able to pass on theses poems to my grandchildren.
sue day

My brother bought me 3 English children's books (2 red & 1 blue, I believe) that was filled with stories, poems, games, puzzles, how to do hand shadow puppets....just all kinds of fun stuff and Mrs. Malone was a poen in one of the books. I fell in love with it and always remembered it and grew up to be an animal lover. I wish I could find copies of those books now.....they were priceless and lost in a flood. If anyone has a clue, let me know. I am 68 but would love to find a set for my granddaughter to give her first child.
Sharren Bishop

could you give me the text of eleanor farjeon's poem about king priam and Achilles
frank adler

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