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The gallant little Mayflower | 10-Jul-09

A poem, possibly song, learned in school in the 1930s.

The gallant little Mayflower sailed one day
And left the shores of England far away
Landed at the Plymouth Rock they say
And founded the mighty USA.

The gallant little band of pioneers
Heedless of a million doubts and fears
Planted what became in later years
The mighty USA.

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Song from 1940's BBC radio - must have been played frequently for a (then) 5-6 year old to have remembered the melody and many of the words to the first of possibly 4 choruses. Ran across your web page whilst reminiscing and attempting to find the words to the entire song! The few that I recall are as follows:

Gallant little Mayflower, one fine day
Left the shores of England, sailed away
...3rd line????
Down to the mighty sea.

Wondering whether your version is from an American perspective while the song I remember was possibly from a British perspective, i.e. "mighty sea vs. mighty USA"! Would be interested to know whether anyone ever submits a definitive answer to your inquiry.

Mrs. S. Brisson

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