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A poem about a group of people travelling to see a hanging | 16-Jul-09

From our enquirer:

"I hope you can help! I am trying to find a poem that I heard on the radio station "oneword" some years ago but do not know the title or poet involved but would love too!
It seemed to relate to a group of people travelling to a city -
(possibly London- possibly in the 18th century) to witness a hanging. It was very discriptive about the individuals and quite jolly! Sadly the night before the hanging they all spent a considerable amount of time in a Pub/Inn/Tavern and got drunk. Resulting in them all waking up late and missing the hanging!"

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Do you know this poem? Do you have any clues to help us find it?


I think this is "Lord Tom Noddy".The description given matches exactly that of the
song/ballad that I have on a CD transcribed
from a reel to reel tape (World Record
Club); sung/performed by Stanley Holloway
titled "Champagne Charlie"
Harry Edwards

Strange topic..nice to hear on this content..
perugu ramakrishna

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