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Poem quoted in Dusty Answer | 14-Sep-09

How with one tongue those both cried alas!
And then in the end, sleep and a timeless peace

It's one of several poetic passages that a Rosamund Lehmann character (an undergraduate reading English at Girton) writes down from memory while studying a few weeks before her final exams. It's on page 139 of the Penguin edition of Dusty Answer.

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Reading the passage again, I've come to the conclusion that the two quoted lines aren't poetry at all, but part of Lehmann's narrative. The first line comments on the two preceding quotations (from Banville and Ecclesiasticus) and the second introduces the last (from Catullus). I was misled by the indentation, which is merely that of two new single-sentence paragraphs and doesn't indicate quotation.
Simon Cauchi

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