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Hush there's a rustling of silken dresses | 14-Sep-09

Enquirer believes this may be a traditional May song:

"Hush there's a rustling of silken dresses
Queen's maids holding a drawing room
Come smell the fragrance of purple lilac
Come catch the glinting of golden broom
Sweet apple blossom is full of blushes
Hawthorn we see like a drift of snow
The laburnum in yellow velvet passes
And gracefully curtseys low

Haughtily stand all her chestnut sisters
Dressed overall in their creams and browns..."

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Do you know this poem? Do you have any clues to help us find it?


We used to sing this song in school in the 50's. I think it's 'Queen May is holding a drawing room' not Queen's maid because all the trees mentioned blossom in May.

Don't know the second verse in fact I went on line to try to find it.

I do know the tune and could probably write it out on manuscript if anyone wants it. (Our daughter is a music teacher and could help me.)

Best wishes

Lyn Whitby

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