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All hail recording angel, hail, receptive at your desk | 14-Sep-09

A poem by Humbert Wolfe, which includes the lines

"Alas my love the year is waning / These glowing colours are but feigning / Festive flags hung out to capture / Plaudits due to spring"

Our enquirer adds:

"It is, I remember, a sort of opener for the book and occurs again to close it with slightly different words.   I can remember a bit more of it, so the first four lines are: 'All hail, recording angel, hail/Receptive at your desk/Note how my body deftly turned/To attitudes grotesque . . .' (I think the next line begins 'Displays a...')
I've also remembered a few lines elsewhere in the book: 'Alas my love the year is waning/These glowing colours are but feigning/Festive flags hung out to capture plaudits due to spring.'
It would be wonderful to find this book again - I lent it to someone when I was 17 (who disappeared with it) and now I am 72, and I still miss it!"

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I've looked through several of Humbert Wolfe's slender volumes of verse but haven't found it. I suspect it's from one of his longer poems, either Requiem or The Uncelestial City, probably the latter.
Simon Cauchi

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