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June has come again to England and there is cricket on the green | 22-Sep-09

June has come again to England and there is cricket on the green

The poem goes on to say something like

they are the unimportant people and are not in the parade
they didn't get the medals and they didn't wear the braid

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It was fetured in @This England ' or 'This Brittian Magazine some years ago. I will try to remember it, I have some of it writtian down. I think it was Anon
Peter Congram

Part of it is
Ada our daily the lady who 'does' for us
Down the Tube each evening
with her bag and her counterpane
Up again each morning off to work again
When they dug her from our kitchen
In the spring of '41
She call out from her strecher
'Mind the step, its just been done
Peter Congram


They were never in the headlines, did their jobs without fuss
Such as Ada Smith our 'Daily' who came to do for us.
Seventy! --- and every evening down the Tube with her counterpane.
Seventy! --- and every morning up the stairs to work again.
When they dug her from our kitchen in the May of '41,
I still hear her from her stretcher -- 'mind the steps, they've just been done'.

There were those who worked for laughter, in the blackout of the town
The show went on and curtains went up, music played and the bombs came down.
Old men went on shifting scenery, dressers, stagehands never fled,
And chorus girls just kept dancing, though the Huns were overhead.
They could not run and take cover, they had to seem unafraid
They were servants of the public, the show was on and on they played.

They are the unimportant people, and they're not in the parade
And they did not wear the badges, and they did not have the braid.
Ada Smith, typists, teachers, postmen, lorry drivers and clerks
The War is done, the fighting's over, the NFS and all those larks.

The Silver Jubilee and Coronation, how many crowds I well recall,
And yet seems so many summers since I stood there in Whitehall.
A world cursed with bombs exploding and battle rages in between
But June has come again to England, and they are back on the Green.
The roses bloom, grass is growing to hide scars where houses once stood.
The honeysuckle is climbing over the barbed wire in the wood.
Peter Congram

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