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About to marry and invest their lives | 23-Oct-04

The poem begins

"About to marry, and invest their lives in safety and routine"

and goes on to describe how a young couple (Stanley and June) go into a house and find bits of a dismembered body scattered around. The poem includes the line "severed thigh of a plump brunette"

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I remember this poem from a school anthology in the late 60s - there was some reference to taking the train to Dorking? But the "severed thigh of a plump brunette" is certainly the line that sticks in the mind
Malcolm Edwards

Thanks to comments by Mr Edwards and others, we have been able to identify the poem as 'The Dorking Thigh' by William Plomer. The poem can be found in Plomer's Collected Poems, which was published by Jonathan Cape in 1973.
Poetry Library

The Dorking Thigh and other Satires written by William Plomer. I found this poem in an anthology of poems for schools called Billy the Kid many years ago. The poem is about a couple who whilst checking houses with an estate agent discover bits of body in the ironing board cupboard in the kitchen. Well written and great stuff for school kids to read! William Plomer was an interesting chap read more on Wikipedia
James Gower

while i was working a woman from dorking upon the isle of losit occured to me
that my family
would indeed be a terrible loss
so i with drew my member
to rekindle the ember
of familial love and devotopn
and settled instead
for a single bed
and the sun, and the deep tanning lotion

Crysta Hutchings

William Plomer came to our(Worcester) Teacher Trg College
in 1960 and read this out to us from a slim volumeof his verse. It is of course The Dorking Thigh, written in the early 1920s. Very memorable!
Alan Lunt

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