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The Shawl | 30-Sep-09

"Nimble hands in Ludhiana wrought the colours of the sea
And the floating mists of mountains in a soft shawl for me"

First heard between 1947-1949

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William Kean Seymour
Susanne Woodman

I believe "The Shawl" was written by E.V.Rieu. It was my chosen poem for an elocution exam many years ago and I have been trying to find a copy of it for some time without success. I would love to have a copy.
Jane Leake

This poem is by William Kean Seymour and can be found in his "Collected poems" -- London : Robert Hale, 1946.
Poetry Library

I also learn't this poem and I have a copy of it. However I do not know the author.
Hopefully by now you may have a copy,but if not I could email you one.
Anita Norris

I too am trying to find this poem. I know the words as I did it for elocution,but I do not know the author
Evelyn Kelly

the poem-The shawl is by William Kean Seymore & begins-Little hands in Ludhiana
edward taylor

I would love a copy of this poem which like many others I learnt as a child
Pauline Inklkey

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