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The palm court lounge is warm and snug | 18-Nov-09

Enquirer is looking for a poem heard in a Christmas play in the 1980s:

The palm court lounge is warm and snug
There is scotch on every table
It's not our fault next door is
an ice cold stable.

The last lines might be:

The landlord lays the bill quite gently on the table
The man who'll pay has just been born
Next door in an ice cold stable

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I have been searching for this poem for a college Christmas performance. I read it in school in the 80's. I remember the first verse as-
The Palm Court Lounge is snug and warm,
There's scotch on every table,
Its not our fault its not so hot,
Next door in the hotel stable.
ian smith

Do you happen to remember anything else concerning where this poem came from.
Title or part title of book it was in or how the school and what school was that they may have archieves?, Anything that may help is welcome, as you can see I have searching for many years.
Many thanks
Norman Church

It's a poem by Ronald Deadman

the palm court lounge is snug and warm,
there's scotch on every table
it’s not our fault it’s not so hot
next door in the hotel stable

The passengers are drunk tonight
the crew have cash to burn
so who will hear the drowning man
we’ve left ten miles astern

Let’s all go down the motorway
and see who’s first to Chester
let’s forget the scruffy dog
we knocked for six at Leicester

O we're all right and so is jack
(he’s underneath the table)
it’s not our fault it’s not so hot
next door in the hotel stable

God rest us merry gentlemen
this is no time for sorrow
because ten thousand refugees
will get no grub tomorrow.

The landlord smiles and lays the bill
quite gently on the table.
The man who’ll pay has just been born
next door in an ice-cold stable

Stephen Foster

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