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From Normandy he saileth o'er / To find new lands on the Saxon shore | 08-Dec-09

Enquirer is looking for a children's book of rhymes about the British monarchs from William I to George IV or Elizabeth II, published for the 1936 or 1954 coronation. It is not "King's and Queens" by Eleanor and Herbert Farjeon. It was printed on paper that was almost cardboard thick and was small (paperback size or less). The cartoon illustrations were quite serious. The enquirer remembers the following rhymes:

William I
From Normandy he saileth o'er
To find new lands on the Saxon shore
Harold and his men are slain
And Norman kings begin their reign

William II
Willam the red was fond of sport
in fact preferred it to the court
he cried 'a-hunting we will go'
but a wandering arrow laid him low

Richard III
On Bosworth field the fatal thrust
brings Richard's dark designs to dust
his life, his crown, his throne all are lost
and few will morn his fall.

Charles II
The merry monarch, wise and witty
brought gaiety to court and city
he did not worry overmuch
when up the Medway sailed the Dutch

George I
The hammerblows of Wolfe and Clive
the piles of Empire firmly drive

Not only Queen, but Empress she
of India beyond the sea
new laws, new learning mark her rule
and every child must go to school

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We are also looking for this book - would love to trace it. Can anyone help?
Ursula Wright

My mother has a copy of this book. If you are still interested I will get the details of it.
Erika Aheimer

Yes, I know the book as I had it when I was a child - and have been trying to find a copy ever since! Would be very keen to have even a photocopy version - or any version!.
Anne Scicluna

If anyone can supply a copy or photocopy for me, or suggest somewhere that it can be obtained, I very much want it. I have been searching for so long!
Anne Scicluna

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