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Poppies - the lille sweeps of fairyland | 17-Dec-09

Poppies - the lille sweeps of fairyland

Enquirer learnt at school about 50 years ago

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The title is actualy "The little sweeps of Fairyland", first verse starts "The little sweeps of fairyland sweep al their chimneys well, but where they get their brushes from you'll find it hard to tell"
Richard Page

I remember this one very well from my own childhood in the early 1950's. My father would often recite it to my younger sister when she was a little bit fretful at bedtime!

The second stanza (as I recollect) is as follows:

"But I can tell you if you like,
Because the other day,
I saw a pixie running by to put his brush away.
He went to where the poppies grew and back the petals shook.
He put his little brush inside.
You'll find it if you look."

No idea who the author was - the poem must have been from a contemporary children's story book now probably long forgotten.
Dennis Nicoll

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