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Can you picture the Saviour? | 27-Dec-09

Can you Picture the Saviour
Foot on the rail leaning up to the bar

Lifting a drink to his pure holy lips

With nicotine stains on his dear fingertips?


Can you hear him telling a story that?s rude?

Using bad language, coarse and lewd

Reading a book that he had to hide

Serving the devil on the side?


Can you see him denying another?s need

Boasting in his own aplenty

When another one?s cupboard is empty?


We are the bible that other folk read ....

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I was given this poem along with a Christian tract when I was a young man , about 45 years ago . Impressed me so much I've kept a copy I typed of it . For a period I misplaced my copy and it was nice finding what you had of the poem online . Below is the poem as I have it along with the poets name .

Can you picture the Saviour with a cigar ,
Foot on the rail , leaning up to the bar .
Lifting a drink to his Pure Holy Lips ,
With nicotine stains on his dear finger tips .

Can you picture him telling a story that?s lewd ,
Or treating a neighbor unkindly or rude .
Reading a book he had to hide ,
Or serving the devil on his side.

Yet there are those who profess to adore ,
Who do all these things and many times more .
They say they serve but love do not show ,
By things they do and places they go .

We picture our Christ by act or by deed ,
We are the Bible that other folks read .
Do we by our lives cause sinners to say ,
?If that is a Christian I?m going my way? .

C.L. Powers
Charles Keenan

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