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Flood - I have loved you since time began | 11-Jan-10

Enquirer is trying to identify the author of this poem published in a monthly women's magazine, possibly 'Cosmopolitan', in the late 1970s:


I have loved you
Since time began
And will love you
Beyond the span of man's imagination
I envelop you in
Soft caress of
Or passion's raging
Where I ravage
With savage claim
Your soft domain
Taking pleasure
In the pain
Of my wild
You passively
Beneath lie still
Until at peace
My will
And lessens
With the ebbing
I have loved you
Since the time
Of birth.
?? the ocean (I am the ocean?)
?? the earth (You the earth?)          Last lines obscured.

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Do you know this poem? Do you have any clues to help us find it?


I have a clipping of this poem but no information as to its origins. The words are all intact and the last 2 lines are:
I am the ocean
You the earth

As you had thought.
Is there any news on the author?
Many thanks
Clare Forsyth
Clare Forsyth

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