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'October' by Anonymous | 03-Feb-05

Looking for a poem called 'October' by an Anonymous author.

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William Cullen Bryant wrote a poem called October beginning 'Love's worshippers alone can know'. There is a poem called October's Party (October gave a party . . ) by Helen Hunt Jackson and one called October's Bright Blue Weather (O suns and skies and clouds of June... ) by George Cooper.
Marian Griffith

I am looking for a poem call the army wife the author is anonymous
Diane Brannon

Is this it? October's not sober, but yet she's serene.
Late burning, she's yearning for what might have been,
October's a tale of longing unspent
Sipping her Ale in pretended content.
October has ended, she's been where she went.
October is now, or October is never,
But love in October
You'll Love on forever.

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