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My Home is Heaven | 25-Mar-10

Two little maidens went one day
Into a shady grove to play,
And while with moss and acorn cup
They built a fairy palace up
And laughing, crowned their curly hair
With chestnut leaves and flowers fair,
An old man chanced to pass that way
And sat him down to see their play.

One said I dwell below the hill
Near to the waterfall and mill
Around our house the river flows;
There, on its banks I often sit
And watch the sailing vessels flit
Like birds across the waters blue
See, through those trees it is in view

My home is in the city, Sir

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The full text can be found on pages 134-135 of the book: Memorial of Mary E. Smalley, Late the wife of John W. Sarles, pastor of the Central Baptist Church, Brooklyn. By her husband. New York, 1867
Traceable through Google Books.
Simon Cauchi

Thank you Simon, Thank you so much! A very long delayed and overdue thanks!
I am very grateful for your help in this matter and for the source of the poem. Excellent work! My apologies for so tardy a reply (at that time I was unable to write in a comment) since then I have asked for another poem and have found out how to reply/comment.
God Bless.
Francesca Sagrera

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